Below are some guides that I have written. They include original writing, web research and excerpts from various Internet resouces such as FAQ and AtariAge threads. I have tried to quote the original source where possible.

NUC+ Reference Guide

 Get up and running with your new mytek NUC+

This guide covers the NUC+ with the optional FujiNet card installed. There are useful keyboard maps (it uses a different map than the 1088), instructions on how to flash the FujiNet firmware (it’s slightly different than the FujiNet Team’s external version).

It includes a few links with QR codes to each resource so you can quickly locate them as well as a history page about how the NUC came to be. There is even a page showing the evolution of the Atari 800 line from the original to the NUC.

Note: this is in the process up being updated with info from the NUC+CART! Now you can use cartridges with your NUC.

1088XEL Guide

Get up and running with your new 1088XEL from mytek!

This guide is from 2018, and while useful is showing it’s age- it’s pre FujiNet and discusses the old, hard ways to try and get your Atari on-line.

The heart of this guide is very much still useful information however as it takes you thru the difficult steps to partitioning and formatting CF card as a harddrive for the PBI HD interface on the 1088XEL. There are also many SpartaDosX tips and tricks like setup for the autoexec and loading driver modules for the 1088 via SDX. 

Andy’s Atari Reference

 a document that contains nicely formatted test for quick Atari 8 references all in one PDF doc. Updated as find new source material.

NEON Language Reference

The NEON language reference is a little guide I put together documenting the facinating NEON DSL creator and reader. NEON was conceived and created by Gibstov (on the FJ Discord).

NEON can general small files that when read in by the NEON Client (an Atari 8bit app) can provide images, fonts, color and custom DLI to card like pages for the 8bit. Is sort of like Hypercard for the Atari, but not exactly.


The above is an example of a NEON page created by the amazing bocianu who has done some interesting examples of dynamic neon page generation.



Document Updates:

NUC+ – Version F