RAPIDs are the Regular Announcements in Performance, Innovation and Development for the FujiNet project!

In 2022 I began regularly updating the FujiNet development effort in this blog, under the the TWIF – This Week in FujiNet. Those blog postings covered in depth reviews of the incredible work going on in the FujiNet discord- as a way to document what was going on and also to inform others who didn’t read all the Discord traffic. The effort was unfortunately not sustainable and dropped off in 2023.
However I’ve decided to continue with RAPIDs – a much more condensed ‘broadside’ of what is going on in order for others to keep up with what is going on in FujiNet space. This page will keep all the RAPIDs in order, most recent at the top for better perusal.

RAPID 3 – November 2023

RAPID 2 – October 2023

RAPID 1 – September 2023