Neon is a recent application created by Gibstov over at AA. It looked like Neon started out as a help viewer for his Ponies Game for the 8bit. But it has quickly taken off once he asked about getting it to work with FujiNet. If it could work with FN then DOC files (hypertext files) could be hosted on the web and just remotely loaded in. So it turned out that Gibstov used normal CIO calls for reading in his DOC files- and because he did that the N: device for FujiNet just works. All we had to do was specify full URIs and Neon happily pulls them down via FN and loads them.

Large Antic

Lots of discussion in the AA thread, and also on the FujiNet Discord in the #neon channel.

Plans are for a HTML to Neon app so you can browse web-pages realtime. FrogFind is being modified for this. Loading images is being added by Gibstov now as well. This could turn out to be the killer app for the FujiNet. Amazing work and collaboration.

And I just made a video going over the current state of the DOC files availabel for use right now!

Run the ATR by loading it from:

Once it’s loaded (R)ead using this filespec:


Wait for your FN to load the page and use your Joystick on port 1 to navigate around.

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