FujiNet Game Server Expands – More Games

The FujiNet Game Server (FGS) system has continued its amazing expansion with multiple development efforts coming together to better refine the core systems and bring on some more games. The first non-Atari client is almost ready and two new Atari games were shown- one is ready and deployed on the FGS.

Commodore 64 5 Card Stud Client

Eric Carr has developed a Commodore 64 version of the 5 Card Stud (5CS) client. He has also enhanced the Atari client with multiple color selection’s..

Fn c64 5cs 3
Commodore 64 version of 5 card stud – table

Fn c64 5cs b4
Commodore 64 version of 5 card stud- menu

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 9 35 57 PM
Atari Color Scheme 5 Card stud

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 9 36 07 PM
Atari Color Scheme 5 Card stud

New Reversi Game

Thomas CherryHomes has created a tcp server to host Reversi (Othello) games (max two players) and modified the Atari client (existing BASIC implementation) to work with his server. As per the FGS the Server component updated the Lobby Server to advertise the availability of the games. The modifications required some bug fixing and handling but they are up now to play – just load the lobby.exe from TNFS:fujinet.online/ATARI.

Note: Reversi is a BASIC game- remember do not hold OPTION when booting! You need BASIC this time…

Screen Shot 2023 07 12 at 9 37 35 AM
Reversi screen showing a multi-player game in progress.

Screen Shot 2023 07 14 at 9 58 08 AM
The Lobby updated and advertising the Reversi server.

Battleship Announced

Vagrant announced that his Battleship game is working on two Atari’s connected by FujiNet. The code or client isn’t available yet but will be soon.

Fn battleship proto1
Battleship on Atari

Commodore 64 Lobby Client

In order for other systems & platforms to participate they not only need game clients (like the 5 card stud) but they will also need a Lobby Client so they can connect to the central FGS Lobby instance and see all current available games, pick supported games (that have an available seat) and then launch the game client for that platform. Eric Carr has also been working on porting his Atari Lobby Client (which he wrote in C) to the Commodore 64 and some preview screens are being shown by him in Discord. Once the C64 has a working lobby and 5 Card Stud we’ll have the first multi-platform, multi-client gameplay on the FGS!

Fn xplatform lobby a2
In-progress C64 Lobby Client and the original Atari version (both by Eric Carr)

Lobby Server Enhancements: Chat

Thomas Cherryhomes had always envisioned a chat component in the Lobby Server in FGS (and supported in the clients) – this would allow people waiting in the lobby to communicate to other players without having to use an out-of-band system like Discord… He has just implemented the first step in a working client and RogerSM has implemented a Lobby Chat Server component.
This has just happened and so more developments are expected with this soon.

Fn lobby chat a1
Atari Lobby client with embedded chat

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  • Terry Dillon says:

    A multi-user dungeon (MUD) or similar would be great. Also wondering if this could work with a Commodore PET/ CBM as it has the Commodore serial IEEE-488 bus (IEC Bus).

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