FujiNet Nightlies Are Here

Want to enjoy the benefits of recent advances on the FujiNet firmware but don’t want to get to the level of checking out the repo from GitHub, learning the build system, doing a build and flashing your device?

The official Firmware releases come out at a much slower pace, as they are tested across all the platforms. However, at this time in the lifecycle of the FujiNet project there are almost never nightlies that don’t work on a platform. And if there are you can help by testing and finding issues. It’s impossible to brick the ESP32 and so if a nightly breaks something for you, it’s just a matter of re-flashing a release version from the flasher.

Now you can do it easily in 4 Steps.

1. Connect your FujiNet device with a good USB cable to your workstation
2. Download a nightly build for your platform (Nightly Builds).
3. Use the online Flasher (Chrome is required) to flash that Nightly (Here is the flasher)
4. Enjoy!


Nightly Builds:

Web-based Flasher:

Pick a nightly:
Screen Shot 2024-06-06 at 10.56.32 AM.

Upload on the Flasher:
FujiNet Firmware Web Flasher.

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